Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's Not You It's Me-Except It Is You

I finally decided to take a break from a relationship that I have been in every day for over a year. This relationship has determined whether I would be happy or sad and it has messed up my thinking each day.

Last night, the scale and I decided to take a break.
Yep, it was a good run. I had fun every morning when I woke up and those numbers were lower. But soon, I started to get obsessive about seeing those numbers go lower.

If I started the day and the numbers were lower, I would be in a good mood.
If the numbers were higher, I would be in a bad mood. Then all of a sudden it would seem like a chore to eat well, rather than something that is just naturally healthy for my body. Exercise seemed like something I HAD to do rather than something I wanted to do.

But the biggest problem in our relationship occurred over the last two weeks. I started serious weight training a couple of weeks ago. My body has never felt better. I dropped two jeans sizes in two weeks, but the scale shot up 7 lbs.

All of a sudden I'm completely insecure about my weight loss..even though I am SMALLER than I have been since my freshmen year in high school.

Enough is enough.

This isn't forever but it's definitelytime  to take a break and listen to my body, rather than a number.

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  1. You're gaining muscle!!!!! Way to go - this is something to celebrate, so I'm glad you're chucking the scale. :) Love you and am such a Cassie fan. :)