Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Frosting From A Can

Sorry it's been a while since I blogged. Life, work, relationships, etc. has gotten in the way. I've also found that I've had to deal with a whole new level of emotional eating.

That is why I found myself eating frosting out of a can on Sunday.

What? This isn't me anymore. Thankfully, I didn't eat the whole thing (although I probably would have in the past).

On Sunday I had to tell a guy that was super into me that I wasn't into him (for various, legitimate reasons) and I felt like I was kicking a puppy.

Somehow it emotionally drained me so much that I felt myself on the verge of a binge (hence the frosting). I realized it about half way through and threw the rest of the frosting (and potato chips) away.

I've been reading the book "Made to Crave" that talks about how we are creatures who were created to crave for God, but many of us replace that craving with food. (Others replace that craving with drugs, alcohol, etc.) I've currently been working through the emotions that go along with that because some days (like frosting day) I will be halfway through a binge before I even notice I'm doing it.

On a lighter note, on Saturday it was super rainy outside, rendering me wanting to be completely worthless. My roommate, Tami, and I decide to go do a 2 mile walk just to get a workout in. She wanted to drive to the "pretty" area of the trail to start. We drove to the trail and got out. It was still raining. Then Tami realized that she locked her keys in the car.

So our 2 mile walk turned into a 7.34 mile walk/run back to the house.

The funny thing is, that when Tami's fiancee took her to go get her car, she found out that the car was unlocked the whole time.

She swears she didn't do it on purpose.


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