Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Managing the Crazy

I haven't written  on this blog for a few months because I have had major life changes as of recently. I changed jobs, start dating someone awesome and had a family emergency to deal with. All of this while trying to train for a half-marathon.

So how do you eat healthy, exercise and lose weight during this time? I haven't really been.

I started training in February for the half-marathon and have been keeping up the training pretty well. However, over the last couple of weeks, my mother has had some near fatal surgeries that have caused me to have to head to the hospital in my parent's town twice.

Now it's about adjusting to a new normal. Right now my mom can't talk. I used to talk to my mom on the phone multiple times a week. There is still some hope that her paralyzed vocal chords will heal, but at this point it's just a waiting game.

Everyone is always asking me how she is doing and while I know it's with good intention and kind hearts, it's just an exhausting question for me now.

While I was at the hospital several times over the last few weeks, I found myself eating a dinner of a Snickers bar and a shared bag of Cheetos with my boyfriend. I just didn't have time to worry about healthy food.

However, I also read this magazine while in the hospital waiting room. It discussed eating healthy and how we lie to ourselves about what healthy eating is. (Like baked cheetos are fine as long we count them). It sparked a light bulb in me about how much better I feel when my diet is clean. This week I have cleaned up my diet a ton, been focusing on lean meats, veggies, fruits and greek yogurt. I realized that eating like this helps unmanageable situations seem a lot more manageable due to the fact that my brain is not cloudy with preservatives and can actually think clearly.

Because I started eating healthy again and following my workout schedule, I am finally seeing the scale go down as well. My plan is to run the half-marathon in May at my lowest weight since I started this journey.

Thank you everyone for prayers for my mom. We are so happy that she is still with us and thankful to the Lord for all the support that he has provided us during this time. Plus, she is quite the fighter so I have a lot of hope for her healing.