Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scale Freedom

Yesterday I listened to a fitness podcast where the person kept saying "Stay off of the freakin scale."

She was talking about her eating disorder and how much the eating disorder had to do with the scale and how much better she felt when she got rid of it.  She started working on making small eating changes and performance goals and her body just became what she wanted it to look like.

It's so true. Even though I "gave up the scale," I will still step on it from time to time. But I noticed that when I step on it, it doesn't really make me happy even if it says something good.

You know what does make me happy?

The fact that I ran my fastest 5k this morning, running 12 miles last Saturday and still having enough energy to get through the rest of the day, eating fruits and vegetables and feeling amazing, and saying "no" to a king sized candy bar at lunch yesterday when I could have said "yes."

Little goals, lifestyle goals, performance goals..all of those things make me happy.

The scale tells me nothing.  So instead, I am going to continue making performance goals, continue looking better and better in clothes, continue caring about "size" rather than "weight," and continue to work on not medicating myself with food.

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