Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Back-The Shortest Memory on the Planet

Hey everyone. Sorry I have been off grid for about a week. Last week, I worked like crazy and didn't have a lot of time for other things.

I have also been experimenting with several different ways of eating.

Two weeks ago, I went completely clean and felt amazing. I ate very Paleo-like and my body felt awesome. But then one gluten free corn dog and it all went to hell in a handbasket.

When my body is eating super clean and then I eat one processed food item, my body doesn't know what to do with it. Thus, it gains a TON of weight overnight and it takes me forever to get it back off. When I looked at that, I figured there were two solutions: never eat crap again or live a life of balance.

Isn't balance what this whole journey was about in the first place?

So anyway, I decided to go back to the way of eating that helped me lose 102 lbs in the first place. That is count calories and exercise, create a deficit every day.

This makes me feel less deprived and makes me feel like I have options that I don't have when I eat clean. I'm stubborn and it's weird, but it works.

I already feel more free today than I have in a while.

I also can't tell you how many times I have tried to completely clean up my eating and found myself back here. I have the shortest memory on the planet. Hopefully as I continue the rest of the weight loss journey, I will remember that I can still eat healthy without eating 100% healthy and feeling deprived. The toughest part about weight loss is trying not to speed it up because I don't know about you but whenever I try to speed anything up, I usually end up crashing and burning. Weight loss is no different.

I don't really have any pictures to post today, so I thought I would post a picture of my cousin's graduation.
We celebrated Sara graduating yesterday and it was fun. The best part was the Barefoot Moscato...oh, and celebrating Sara:)

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