Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back to My Stomping Grounds

This weekend I had a family gathering. I had to leave on Saturday morning to drop off my rental car (car problems) and I still had to do a training run on Saturday.

Usually, when I go back to my parents house I don't do much. So I was super proud of myself for going on a 10 mile run while out of town.

It actually was pretty rewarding. I walked from my parents house to the trail. The trail then goes into a recreational area called Yanney Park which is really cool, and you can find more about it here

It was sooo fun to go on a long run in a new area because I didn't know what to expect. Plus, the Kearney Trail is really clean.

Then I had a family time. This involved shooting guns (not me, I don't trust myself not to turn and talk to someone with a gun in my hand:), playing cards and games and just fun old family time. But what changed for me was that usually I leave these family gatherings and absolutely hate any of the pictures with me in them. This time that wasn't true. I was actually pretty excited about some of the pictures.
Minus the fact that I still can't wait for my legs to get smaller (it takes forever). I was pretty happy with all the pictures I was in. Very cool. (Pictures courtesy of my aunt, Jennifer Scheidies).

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