Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Unexpected Day Off

Yesterday, I had an unexpected day off. As I was getting ready to leave to go see clients, my dog started having what appeared to be some kind of seizure. I had to run him to the vet where they decided he had probably pulled a muscle and gave me "doguprofen". (I don't know what the actual term is but it's ibuprofen for dogs.) They told me to watch him the rest of the day, so needless to say I had the day off.

After being home with the dog for several hours, he started to seem like he felt better. He was running around again and playing. So I decided to do an extra workout at the gym. (I had done my 4 mile run already that morning.)

I went to the gym and got super into the Biggest Loser and then Castle was on. In the end, my night workout turned about to be 3 hours long. Oh well, always good to burn the extra calories I guess.

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