Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What? That Used to Be Me?

After getting the stomach flu on late Sunday afternoon, I have found myself confined to the bed or the couch for the last couple of days. This means that for the first time in a long time I have not done much more than watch Hulu, surf the Internet, and do some reading. Not only have I found that I am bored out of my mind, but I realized something even more interesting:

I really have changed my life.

When I was in graduate school, I actually spent the majority of my time watching TV and surfing the Internet and eating. I was going through a difficult time and wanted to escape a lot of my life. I did this for almost two years. It would not be unheard of for me to order a large pizza, eat a pint of ice cream and watch a Gilmore Girls marathon all day long. This is how I put on 80 of my lbs.

Today, I work out at least six days of week, 75% of my diet is healthy and I only follow one television show on a regular basis (Castle lovers unite:). So it stands to reason that being attached to a couch for over 48 hours feels weird and completely unlike me. 

How weird to see the difference. I guess it truly does show me that taking small steps in the right direction eventually leads to a complete life change. Because if I ever have to sit on the couch and watch Hulu all day again, I might go insane:)

Happy end of the stomach flu! (I figure it's mind over matter..right:))

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