Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Perfect Run

Today may have very well been the perfect run. I had to run 13 miles today (I added a .1 on the end so it would be a solid half marathon.) I decided to go to the other side of the trail that I don't normally run so I would see what it felt like to run on unfamiliar terrain. Here are all the amazing things that went RIGHT today.

1. I had my fast average lap time ever

2. I finished the 13.1 quicker than I have ever run 13.1 miles ever

3. I finished strong, I didn't really run out of steam until the last half of the last mile

4. It was supposed to snow during my run, it didn't start snowing until well after my run

5. The temperature wasn't an issue, with a hat, jacket and gloves on, I wasn't cold at all

6. The other side of the trail goes at least 6.6 miles so I didn't have to repeat anything (the North side of the trail only goes 5 miles so I have to do some up, back, ups if I run that side on a long run day)

7. I didn't get shot (the trail runs behind a shooting range, always makes me a little nervous:)

8. I burned 1874 calories according to my Garmin

9. While I got a blister, it wasn't bad enough that it impaired my run.

10. Because of my amazing calorie burn I get to eat this without wrecking my weight loss: Wholemade Gluten Free Pizza-Yum!

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