Friday, March 22, 2013

The Frozen Snickers Bar Oops

As a therapist that works with a lot of kids, I keep a prize box filled with little prizes and toys and such. When buying candy for this prize box, I usually buy candy that has gluten in it. I do this on purpose because I can't eat gluten. This means that I won't be tempted to eat any of the candy. So far this has worked great.

Unfortunately, the other day I got a little full of myself. I bought mini snickers bars for my prize box. Snickers bars are gluten free. But I thought "I have been doing so well not eating candy that this won't be a problem for me."

I should probably mention that not only are snickers bars gluten free, they are also my FAVORITE candy bar. This is the part of the horror movie where the music starts playing:)

I bought the bars, put them in the prize box and then put them in my trunk. For a while they didn't taunt me until yesterday. On my way to my client's house, I put the prize box next to me in the car. I thought "I'll just eat one mini snickers."

Well, I should probably mention that since the prize box had been in the trunk of my car, these snickers bars were also deliciously frozen. A frozen snickers bar? I'm pretty sure the Hallelujah Chorus started playing immediately.

Needless to say I ate 4 mini snickers before I put the prize box in the back of my car, so they wouldn't be near me anymore. So lets dissect the mistakes I made in this scenario.

1. I BOUGHT the Snickers bars, thinking I had everything under control. I've decided that people with eating problems have the shortest memory spans on the planet.

2. I put the snickers bars in my eyesight.

3. I didn't immediately get rid of them when I knew there was a problem.

So needless to say, I spent an extra hour in the gym last night, learning my lesson. When you are dealing with eating problems (binging, purging, etc.) you always have to be on your game. Lesson learned:)

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