Thursday, February 28, 2013

What? That Size Can't Be Right!

So I went shopping today for the first time in a while. It finally got to a point where my clothes were swimming on me a little and I knew I needed to buy at least one or two new outfits to get me through where I am now.

I am pressed for time so I go into the store, grab a pair of jeans in one size smaller than the last size I bought and a pair of jeans in a size two sizes smaller than the last size I bought (I just grabbed this second one for kicks, I was sure it wouldn't fit me). Then I went and grabbed some shirts, the smallest in the plus size section.

The pair of jeans that was two sizes smaller fit perfectly. I was shocked. The other pair of jeans was too big. But the shirt thing was what really threw me off. All the shirts I grabbed were not only too big, but they were SWIMMING on me. I tried on shirt after shirt and was like, this can't be right.

So I found myself going over to the "normal people's" section. Now, if you have spent most of your life overweight, the normal people's section feels like the keys to Disney World. I swear that the Hallelujah chorus started playing and people were going to start handing me golden tickets.

I looked out and had all these clothes to choose from, not just the biggest size that fit on my body, but options...tons of options.

So needless to say I settled on a couple of cute tops, and went home and had a nice a healthy lunch...because once you are handed a golden ticket, you don't have any desire to keep eating the chocolate bars:)

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