Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Don't Get Caught Up in Things That Don't Matter

So I was at my Weight Watchers Meeting today and I was having trouble paying attention. Now, don't get me wrong, my Weight Watcher's leader is very cool. But I just wasn't feeling it today.

Today, they were talking about weighing and measuring everything. They were saying "If pasta is weighing in at 2.2 then you need to take away .2 to get a serving."

Sure, I mean they aren't wrong.

But it kind of made me realize why I may not have stuck with Weight Watchers when I was 90lbs heavier. I mean when you are over 100 lbs overweight, .2 of a serving is not your biggest problem.

Lying to yourself about the .2 of the serving is your biggest problem.

See, I've been counting calories through 90lbs and have rarely if ever weighed or measured anything. Getting healthy was a lot more about me being honest with myself. It was more about behaviors of me not taking responsibility for my eating and my health.

I think if you get caught up in the .2 of a measurement or the 1/3 cup of a measurement you are missing the point.

If you are just beginning your weight loss journey, just start being honest with yourself about what you are eating. Did you eat 2 cupcakes instead of 1 when 1 cupcake is the appropriate serving? Did you snack on chips all day? Just be honest and the rest will come.

Plus, eating is not very fun when it becomes a chore. It is possible to enjoy food and still lose weight, I promise.

Did I mention I lost 4lbs this week? Not to shabby for someone who doesn't weigh and measure...:)

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