Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What? You Mean I Can't Make Excuses to Eat Candy Anymore?

It's funny the excuses that we make for ourselves..especially during the holidays. Excuses that I have made for myself include (but are not limited to..)

It's Thanksgiving- I can eat crap
It's a holiday party- I can eat crap
It's Tuesday-I can eat crap
It's my day off-I can eat crap
It's Christmas Eve- I can eat crap
It's Christmas Day- I can eat crap
It's New Years Eve- I can eat crap- coupled by, I won't eat any crap starting in the New Year...haha

I read on a blog once about a girl who didn't give herself any cheat days because she just fit what she wanted to eat into her calories allowance. I want to practice more of this in 2013. I want to find more balance rather than giving myself cheat days, I want to find balance in my eating in every day life. Right now my eating looks more like: great days where I only eat healthy proteins, fruits, vegetables, etc. and crappy days where I eat out, eat candy, eat processed food, etc. Thankfully I have more great days than crappy days; but I am going to make a concerted effort to merge these days together in which I have the healthy food with the occasional piece of candy and fit it all into my daily calorie allowance. I truly believe this will help me feel more balanced in general. Plus, hopefully it will allow me to feel great every day that I train for a marathon. Right now when I run on my crappy days, I feel like a freight train running into a brick wall. Here's to less freight train and more gazelle in 2013!

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  1. So true! It seems like there is an excuse to eat crap any day you want to. Blah!