Monday, January 7, 2013

Stress Eating

The other day I had car problems. I got stranded an hour away from town and had to drive back with a tow truck driver. Then I had to call my friend to pick me up from the mechanic after finding out my car needed repairs to the tune of $800.

Immediately, I wanted M&M's.

Instead, I cooked up chicken, potatoes, and mushrooms. Who is this person?

I was so used to emotional eating in my life, that immediately when something bad happens, I want candy. I think the difference between me then and now is that I realize I have a choice. I can choose to make a bad day worse by stuffing my face with crap, gaining a couple of lbs, and feeling terrible the next day. Or I can choose to continue healthy eating even when life is stressful. Even these days, many times I choose the first one. So, to be honest, it was nice to choose the second one for once. I didn't ruin my progress over a bad day. I simply picked up where I left off. All that to say, I'm still learning, still moving and still realizing that each good decision is helping me get closer to where I want to go.

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