Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Making Decisions For the Right Reasons.

Tonight I almost went to the gym for the second time today. I didn't need to. This morning I ran five miles for my marathon training and I stuck to my calorie limit today without a problem. But I had an overwhelming need to go to the gym because I'm in the midst of a lot of friends getting engaged and getting married and having kids and a small part of me thought that if I could just get to the gym and move this weight loss along faster, than I might meet the right guy.

But I can't do weight loss for that reason. If I do weight loss for any reason other than the fact that I want to be healthy for me, then it won't stick. If I try to push it faster than it wants to go, then I might put it back on again.

So I didn't let myself go to the gym for the second time. I'm trying to live a life of balance and make choices that will last a lifetime. I have to meet a guy who appreciates that and until then I am flying solo. Even if it sucks.

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