Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My friend and I were discussing fear today. Both of us are training for a marathon and have found that our bodies can go for a long time, but our minds really want to shut us down. Yesterday, I ran five miles. At 2.5, I wanted to quit. Every part of me screamed to quit.

See, when you spend your life being the “fat girl,” it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that you’ve lost weight, and then you can workout, and then all of a sudden you look around and find that you are becoming an athlete. There is some self-talk that goes “who do you think you are?”

When I finished the five miles yesterday, I cried. All of a sudden I was becoming a new person, I was saying no to the fearful and stagnate Cassie of yesterday and saying that I want something more for my life. “Just enough” is not enough anymore. I want to soar. And in that, I hope to help others find freedom as well.

"The resistance is that little voice in your head that causes you to doubt, to stumble, to use the “old way” of doing things and to take the easy, safe path...Screw the Resistance"- Shelli Martineau-Epic Weight Loss Journey

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