Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fear Sucks...We Should Form A Union Against Fear

The past couple of days I have made decisions solely based on fear. Thankfully, they were reversible decisions. But I find that when things are not going my way, I tend to act out by being fearful and not trusting God, not trusting the decisions I have made, not trusting that my hard work will add up to something, etc.

This quote I heard on a television show has always stuck with me.

 "When you make decisions based on fear, you wind up right back where you started."

I firmly believe that this quote is true in life. Making life changes in exercising, in food, in relationships, in work is all scary and fearful because you don't know what is on the other end of it. You think to yourself "What if I fail, what if all of my hard works means nothing in the end?" But here's the question that fear tries to keep you from asking.

What if it's good? What if it DOES work? What if it's more amazing than anything you could have asked for or imagined?

Nothing amazing or good or life-changing is ever easy and sometimes things that matter seemingly take forever (weight loss has taken me almost two years and it's not done yet.) Sometimes we want to cut corners because we think it will get us there faster. But it's never worth it. Great things happen when you take the right small steps every single day. Eventually those steps add up to something. But no one ever tells you that each day you take those steps, fear is trying to push you down the stairs. I say let's finally take a stand against fear in our own lives.

And hey, if all else fails. Drink coffee (That's my answer for everything:)

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