Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 5- What what?

Today is day 5 of my "100 days of 1800". I know I said I would try to blog about this process every day but then crazy happened in my own personal life, not to mention in the world. That being said. Today is day 5 of my 1800 calories. Considering how many things happened in the prior 4 days that may have caused me to emotionally eat in the past, I am actually quit thankful that I made this commitment. I also think it is by the grace of God that I didn't break this commitment.

In the past I would have been like "my car broke down, screw it I am going to binge." Or I would be like "I am so upset about the world events that I am just going to eat."

I think what this process has taught me so far is that I really do have to learn to go to other things besides food when I am emotional. I need to journal or pray or talk to friends or all of the above. It's been quit the enlightening process.

All that to say, after 100 days I know it will be worth it because I'll be able to fit into these
Hello, small pair of jeans! Hopefully we will be friends soon:)

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