Friday, July 5, 2013

My Very Dave Ramsey Challenge Day

Even though I have been following Dave Ramsey for a long time, I haven't gone full force with "The Total Money Makeover" until more recently.

The biggest problem I have been having is sticking to a solid grocery budget. So I decided to give myself a challenge today. I was going to take all of my change, turn it in for cash and that would be the amount that I would spend on groceries.

When I took my change in,  it equaled 34.26

 34.26 on groceries was going to be hard. After all the LEAST amount that I usually spend is 50 with some weeks ending up between 80-100 (Gluten free food is expensive).

First, I ventured to Aldi. I have only heard good things about this place. So, I figured it would be a lot easier sticking to a grocery budget there.

It was a bust. Aldi doesn't do very well with gluten free labeling and the prices of the fresh produce were just about the same as Trader Joes. So I left.

I then went to Trader Joes. I had to make some difficult decisions while I was there such as choosing to make bean burritos rather than chicken tortillas this week for lunches (I already had beans at home and the organic chicken was super expensive). I also usually would've made some "on the spot" purchases like extra gluten free oatmeal and gluten free cupcakes, maybe a bottle of wine..but I did my best to stick to the list. In the end, I spent 34 dollars exactly.

Here are all the things I got for 34 dollars

1. A bunch of bananas
2. 1 loaf Udi's gluten free bread
3. 1 Watermelon
4. 1 Carton of Coconut Milk
5. 1 Bag of iceberg lettuce
6. 1 bag of corn tortillas
7. 1 box of Gluten free cereal
8. 1 Bag of Organic Strawberries
9. 1 package of Organic All Beef Hot Dogs
10. 1 Box of Rice Pasta Mac and Cheese
11. 1 Carton of Dark Peanut Butter Cups
12. 1 Bag all natural potato chips

I'm sure as I begin to understand couponing and menu planning more, I'll be able to do even better. But for now, I am very proud of sticking to my Dave Ramsey budget.

After grocery shopping, I sold some books to the used bookstore for 17 dollars..then I went home and made about 10 dollars doing surveys on Mturk...Dave would be proud:)

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