Thursday, August 29, 2013

Welcome Back Dairy!

This week I have been experimenting with adding dairy products back into my diet. I got rid of dairy a while ago because I thought I was having digestive issues. This was SOOO hard for me because dairy was my main source of protein (I don't like meat very much.) As I continued to do this, I had trouble feeling like I was getting enough protein. Then I started having a sneaking suspicion that I didn't have a dairy problem (occasionally I seemed to be able to eat cheese, yogurt or ice cream without a problem) instead, occasionally I would have a dairy problem because that dairy contained gluten.

When you have Celiac disease, dairy and gluten are a debilitating combination.

So this week I added back greek yogurt (Yum!) and cheese. I have been eating a TON of chicken and cheese quesadillas and I haven't gotten sick once.

It has been awesome!

Not only have I felt like I had more variety in my food. I felt like I was able to stay in my calories better because I was actually full.

Sorry vegans, I am back on the dairy train. 

Next stop..gluten free pizza!

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