Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I've been thinking a lot about success lately so I decided to start documenting some of my successes on my blog. The thing is, when I am doing really well (like yesterday or last week) I tend not to need to think much about my successes, everything is going right.

But today, I needed to think about successes.

Everything seemed out of control. I was moody and irritable, hungry, crazy, etc. So I didn't follow my meal plan completely and I craved sugar. Normally, this would send me spinning out of control. On days like this when I feel completely out of control, my eating disorder tells me to get control by going on a strict diet. I decided today I wasn't going to let the eating disorder win. So I am going to measure my successes.

1. When I was overwhelmed, I walked for 20 minutes to calm down rather than immediately turning to sugar.
2. Even though I did end up eating sugar, I made myself plan what I was going to get, buy only that and then wait until I got home to eat it so I was mindfully eating it.
3. I got all my work done even though I was in a foul mood.
4. Instead of sitting in from of Hulu and binging (like I would normally do on a day like today), I chose to go to poker and socially engage and I feel much better.

Regardless of the fact that I ate candy and french fries today, I still made positive decision in the midst of it..and tomorrow I will just get back on the plan I already had for myself rather than trying to make a new (strict) one.

After all, practice makes perfect right?

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