Friday, September 6, 2013

Whole 30- Day 2 Complete

Today, was my second day of finishing the Whole 30. Today was a little different. The point of the Whole 30 is not only to get healthy but also learn about your triggers and eating habits. This is what I learned today.

1. I get bored with food really really fast and need to spend serious time food planning
2. I am not used to eating enough vegetables so I need to buy about double the amount that I had on hand.
3. Grass fed beef is good, but not for both breakfast AND dinner
4. I use food as "entertainment" because sitting at the table eating each meal without distraction has been very difficult for me.
5. I really don't like eating meat in the morning
6. Dates and Macadamia nuts are amazing, but if I am not careful I can treat them like candy and lose control. The point is to have control over food..even healthy food.
7. Trying to find dates without added sugar is hard, once I found them..I wondered WHY anyone adds sugar to them. They are already sweet enough. Are our palates SOOO addicted to sugar that we can't even handle something as sweet as dates without it?
8. This new way of eating has already completely helped my workouts. Today I ran a 10 minute mile, which is extremely rare for me to do. 

Anyway, off to meal planning and preparing for another day on the Whole 30. 

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